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Care worker Princey works


for a care provider which offers a range of care services – from residentia­l, nursing and mental health to rehabilita­tion.

She told Eastern Eye, “I chose this career because I want to help people carry out their daily activities. It makes me happy to support others.

“In my previous job, I worked for a few years in a neuro rehabilita­tion unit, supporting those with spinal cord injuries to go about their daily activities. Providing them with care made me happy.”

Princey is a team leader and manages a group of five, each supporting up to seven residents daily.

Their shift starts at 8am when there is a handover from the previous night’s team. Princey and her group check all residents’ rooms first to see if they are doing well or if anyone needs attention. Some may need help with washing before breakfast.

Residents then gather in the activity room, where they learn to make cakes, decorate cards or play bingo.

After lunch, tea and supper, Princey makes sure the residents are comfortabl­e in their rooms, whether it is watching TV or turning in for the night.

“Once I get home, I look back on my day and feel proud of the support I have provided my residents with, and how much of a difference I’ve made to their day,” Princey said.

“I have a good team, and we work very well together, helping each other. That’s a big part of what motivates me in my role and makes me want to come to work every day.”

Princey hopes to continue working in the adult care sector, providing care and support for people.

“I would definitely recommend working in the care sector. It’s so rewarding to empower people to live their lives.”

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