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Dance to Bollywood tunes with Soulma Hosany for a healthier mind and body


A DEEP love for Bollywood dance has always been with Soulma Hosany from a very young age.

That lifelong passion has led her towards live memorable performanc­es and passing on dance skills with a fun weekly class in London, where students pay what they can afford.

Eastern Eye twirled towards the London-based talent to find out more about her close connection to Bollywood dance and weekly classes.

What made you fall in love with Bollywood dance?

Since I was a child, I remember sitting down to watch Bollywood movies with my grandad and trying to copy all the dance moves. I was totally transporte­d to a different place watching the dancing. At every family gathering or party, I would dance. It was literally a part of my childhood.

What has been your most memorable moment as a dancer?

I am lucky to have had many. The ones that stand out are performing at the London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony and dancing on stage with various celebritie­s. I also got to be a Bollywood dancer in the recent Marvel movie Eternals.

Tell us about your dance classes?

My dance classes at CRATE in London are about giving back to the community and providing a chance to focus on participan­ts’ wellbeing with a fun and inclusive class, affordable to all. I offer students a chance to pay what they can on a donation basis, as I know how it feels to not be able to afford dance classes. I am passionate about giving back to the community where I can and these classes enable me to do that.

Is it open to all abilities?

Yes, absolutely and that’s what makes these classes special. The classes are mainly aimed at ladies, 16 and over. However, we do have men and younger teens also drop

in sometimes.

What would you say to ladies who don’t feel confident or scared about attending?

Nothing great happens in our comfort zone. So be brave and do something for yourself. I promise that it’s the friendlies­t and fun class, which does help build confidence.

How much does dance help you?

Dance has helped me through my darkest times and continues to boost my motivation, confidence, and mental health. I couldn’t imagine my life without dance.

How much does dance benefit mental and physical health?

Dance is a great form of exercise, which improves fitness levels, coordinati­on, memory, and flexibilit­y! It boosts happy chemicals. I have literally seen people turn up to classes feeling down, stressed, low energy, who then leave with a spring in their step, mentally feeling boosted and positive. There’s a power in being in the moment, focusing on moves and feeling connected with your body and other people through dance.

Who is your own personal favourite Bollywood dancer?

There are so many, but my icon is Madhuri Dixit as her grace, style, expression­s, techniques are all 100 per cent.

Which Bollywood songs do you most love dancing to?

‘It’s the friendlies­t fun class’

(Laughs) I have to admit that I love a good item song.

What inspires you as a dancer?

Bringing joy through dance inspires me a lot. If I’ve made one person happy through my dance, that’s all that matters.

Why should we attend your Bollywood dance classes?

My classes have a great atmosphere, where we make everyone feel comfortabl­e and included, bringing all styles of Bollywood with profession­al teaching and choreograp­hy. So, you can learn routines in the first half and then keep fit to different styles in second half with all the steps. It is the best of both worlds. Dance choreograp­hy and keeping fit to dance.

Bollywood dance classes take place on Saturdays at CRATE, 35 Saint James Street, London E17 7FY. www.eventbrite.com

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COOL CLASSES: Soulma Hosany

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