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In our fam­ily, we’ve been pulling our belts in so tightly I’ve gone back to a 28-inch waist (last seen when I was a teenager). What with the un­cer­tainty over Brexit and price rises in shops, we’ve no­ticed a con­sid­er­able hike in the cost of a weekly food shop for our fam­ily of five. It’s a strug­gle stay­ing within your means and feed­ing your loved ones healthy meals. That’s why we’ve put to­gether this spe­cial money-con­scious is­sue of Easy Cook. It’s packed with ideas for how to save you money on your food bills, as well as 108 recipes that won’t burst your purse. The pasta dish here is one of my kids’ favourites – and it’s a hit with me and their mum, too, be­cause it works out at just over £1-a-head. I hope you en­joy this month’s cheap and sim­ple recipes. Keith Ken­drick Ed­i­tor

Healthy eat­ing needn't cost much

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