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In­dulge in this grown-up choco­latey take > ÌÀ yi q ̽à à « i ÞiÌ Ã«iVÌ>VÕ >À

Boozy brownie tri­fle Q Serves 10-12 Q Prep 25-30 mins, plus chill­ing Q Cook 5-10 mins

500ml pot ready-made chilled cus­tard

(look for one with real vanilla) 100g dark choco­late, bro­ken into pieces 400g shop-bought choco­late brown­ies 3 tbsp cof­fee 100ml Ir­ish cream liqueur, plus 1 tbsp

ex­tra for soak­ing the brown­ies 121g bag Mal­te­sers 500ml dou­ble cream 25g ic­ing su­gar

1 Put the cus­tard and choco­late in a saucepan. Gen­tly heat, stir­ring, un­til the choco­late has com­pletely melted into the cus­tard. Cover the sur­face with cling film to stop the cus­tard form­ing a skin, then cool.

2 Sit the brown­ies in a tri­fle bowl. Mix to­gether the cof­fee with the 1 tbsp of Ir­ish cream liqueur. Driz­zle all over the brown­ies. Use a rolling pin or saucepan to gen­tly bash the bag of Mal­te­sers a few times to crush them a lit­tle, then sprin­kle about three­quar­ters over the brown­ies. Spoon the cooled choco­late cus­tard all over the top, then cover and chill.

3 Com­bine the cream and 100ml Ir­ish cream liqueur in a bowl. Sift over the ic­ing su­gar, then whip un­til soft peaks form. Cover and chill un­til you’re ready to serve.

4 To serve, give the cream a quick mix, then spoon on top of the choco­late cus­tard. Scat­ter over the last few crushed Mal­te­sers to dec­o­rate.

PER SERV­ING 538 kcals, fat 39g, sat­u­rates 22g, carbs 38g, sug­ars 31g, fi­bre 2g, pro­tein 5g, salt 0.2g

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