Lemon-cured chicken


Pre­pare the chicken with the lemon rub the day be­fore – it makes a big dif­fer­ence to the tex­ture of the meat.

Serves 4 Prep 10 mins plus Q Q overnight chill­ing and rest­ing

Cook 1 hr 20 mins Q

2 tbsp runny honey 2 tbsp soft brown sugar 2 lemons, zested 1 tbsp flaked sea salt 1 tsp black pep­per­corns,

crushed 1 x 1.5kg chicken olive oil, for driz­zling 1 The day be­fore you want to cook the chicken, mix the honey, sugar, lemon zest, salt and pep­per­corns. Rub all over the chicken, then put the chicken in a bowl, cover and leave in the fridge for 24 hrs. Turn the chicken ev­ery 4 hrs or when­ever pos­si­ble. 2 Heat oven to 170C/150C fan/gas 31/ 2. Re­move the chicken from the fridge and dis­card any liq­uid. Place in a roast­ing tin and throw the lemon halves in too, if you like. Driz­zle the chicken with oil and roast in the pre­heated oven for about 1 hr 20 mins, or un­til the juices run clear. If you have a dig­i­tal meat ther­mome­ter, put it in the thick­est part of the leg – the meat should reach 70C. If you find the top is go­ing too brown, cover it with foil. Once the chicken is done, re­move it from the oven and leave it to rest for 20 mins be­fore carv­ing.

Recipes adapted from Rose­mary Shrager'sCook­ery Course by Rose­mary Shrager (£20, BBC Books).

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