Curly twirlies

Easy Cook - - WEEKEND BAKING -

These have just the right amount of gooey stick­i­ness when eaten warm.

Makes 12 Prep 20 mins Q Q

Cook 20 mins crisp up Q in a low oven

140g soft tof­fees 100ml milk 2 x tubes of 6 ready-to-roll

crois­sants (we used Jus Rol) 50g dark choco­late drops – or use a block of choco­late and roughly chop golden ic­ing su­gar, for dust­ing

1 Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Put the tof­fees into a small pan with the milk and melt over a very low heat, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally to bring to­gether to a smooth sauce. Cool off the heat for 1-2 mins un­til a lit­tle less molten and thick­ened slightly. 2 Cover two baking sheets with baking parch­ment. Un­roll one tube of crois­sant dough. Pinch to­gether the di­ag­o­nal per­fo­rated seams, but di­vide the dough into three rec­tan­gles along the straight cross­ing seams. Cut each rec­tan­gle into 4 long, thin strips – so you end up with 12. Driz­zle a lit­tle tof­fee along the length of each strip, then scat­ter with some choco­late drops. Un­roll the other dough and cut into the same sized strips, then sand­wich to­gether with the tof­fee-choc cov­ered ones. Hold­ing the ends of each strip, twist tightly and lay on the pre­pared baking sheets (they’ll ex­pand a lit­tle). 3 Once all are shaped, bake for 12-15 mins un­til golden and crisp. Dust with a lit­tle golden ic­ing su­gar to serve and en­joy best, freshly baked. PER TWIRLY 246 kcals, fat 13g, sat­u­rates 7g, carbs 28g, sug­ars 13g, fi­bre 1g, pro­tein 4g, salt 0.9g

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