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I love rhodo­den­drons and have sev­eral in con­tain­ers but is it pos­si­ble to grow them in my limey soil?

Grow­ing rhodo­den­drons on limey soil can be a chal­lenge; raised beds of er­i­ca­ceous soil, wa­ter­ing with rain wa­ter and feed­ing with se­questrene can work but it’s not ideal. For­tu­nately there is now a range of rhodo­den­drons grafted onto a lime-tol­er­ant root­stock called ‘Inkarho’. They will grow on most soil types in­clud­ing those with a pH of up to at 7.5. There is an ex­cel­lent choice of colours in dwarf and larger hy­brids so there should be a va­ri­ety for most sit­u­a­tions.

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