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The adder, Bri­tain’s only ven­omous snake, gen­er­ally prefers open habi­tats such as heath­land, moor­land and wood­land, but in Norfolk they can also be found in sand dunes – all places dogs love to ex­plore. Adder bites can be ex­tremely dan­ger­ous. The bites can cause swelling, bleed­ing or fever. If you think your dog has a sus­pected adder bite, keep it as quiet and calm as pos­si­ble, and see your vet ur­gently. Signs that a dog has been bit­ten may ap­pear quickly and can in­clude small punc­ture wounds, swelling, bruis­ing, pain, lame­ness, sali­va­tion, vom­it­ing, in­creased tem­per­a­ture and bleed­ing and may af­fect the heart beat, blood pres­sure and breath­ing rate. Do not ap­ply a tourni­quet or at­tempt to suck out the poi­son as this can add fur­ther com­pli­ca­tions.

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