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The leaves of my honey­suckle had a grey­ish white mould on them and have now started to go patchy brown and fall off. Is my plant dy­ing or will it re­cover?

It sounds like your plant has pow­dery mildew which is a com­mon prob­lem on hon­ey­suck­les as well as many other plants. It makes the plant look un­sightly but it’s un­likely to kill it. The prob­lem is of­ten worse when plants are dry at the roots so keep sus­cep­ti­ble plants well mulched to help keep mois­ture in around the roots in dry weather; also tidy away and de­stroy any fallen dis­eased leaves es­pe­cially at the end of the sea­son. There are a num­ber of gar­den fungi­cides which will also help con­trol pow­dery mildew; al­ways read the la­bel be­fore use.

Pow­dery mildew on honey­suckle

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