Our very own doc­tor, Matt Pic­caver, who writes the EDP Nor­folk health page, has just writ­ten his first book.

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Al­though the GP hopes to write a novel one day, this first book is all about arthri­tis. “There are some­where in the re­gion of 9-10 mil­lion arthri­tis suf­fer­ers in the UK and over a hun­dred dif­fer­ent types. I see arthri­tis in ev­ery clinic, and as a re­sult give a lot of the same ad­vice to lots of peo­ple, so I thought I would write it down,” said Dr Pic­caver. “The book is for ev­ery­one who creaks and crunches when they move, ev­ery­one who makes that funny groan­ing noise when they get up from a chair, ev­ery­one who wants to know a lit­tle bit more about why they ache, creak and groan, and what we can do about it.”

And if the book is a suc­cess, Matt would love to write more. “Ev­ery day I meet up to 40 peo­ple, some­times more. Ev­ery one of them has a story. Over my ca­reer I’ve had around 80,000 con­sul­ta­tions and there are a lot of life lessons to be had from all of that col­lected wis­dom. I’d like to dis­til ev­ery­thing I’ve ever been taught by the peo­ple I meet.” Ev­ery­thing Your GP Doesn’t Have Time to Tell You About Arthri­tis, by Matt Pic­caver, is pub­lished by Shel­don Press. Pa­per­back, £9.99.

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