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Nor­wich on­sul­tant ocu­lo­plas­tic sur­geon BI­JAN BEIGI re­veals how his eye surgery tech­niques have mir­rored those devel­oped for the rich and fa­mous in Bev­erly Hills

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Why would some­one con­sider eye surgery for cos­metic pur­poses?

Eyes are the most vul­ner­a­ble part of the face dur­ing age­ing, as they are so ex­posed to ex­ter­nal el­e­ments which dam­age and ac­cel­er­ate the age­ing process. The eyes can also re­veal lev­els of anx­i­ety, stress and show signs of gen­eral ill health.

Droopy eye­brows re­sult in heavy look­ing up­per eye­lids whilst droopy lower eye­lids re­sult in the ap­pear­ance of an un­happy and mis­er­able face. Lower eye­lid age­ing man­i­fests with puffy lower eye­lids and saggy cor­ners of the eye. The neg­a­tive ef­fects are then ex­ac­er­bated by mid-face drop, cre­at­ing a line be­tween the eye­lid and cheek, which is called tear through.

What does eye surgery ac­tu­ally in­volve?

Stan­dard eye­lid re­duc­tion in­volves cut­ting out a lit­tle of the skin from the up­per and lower lid and re­duc­ing the fat pad, which works well to re­duce the ex­cess weight, skin and tis­sue.

Has the pro­ce­dure changed or devel­oped over the years?

Def­i­nitely! A re­cent ex­cit­ing de­vel­op­ment has been the con­cept of sur­gi­cally re­mod­elling a pa­tient’s face to their orig­i­nal anatomy. This is re­ferred to as an ex­tended lift.

What can a pa­tient ex­pect when they have an ex­tended lift?

The ex­tended lift in­volves bring­ing the eye­brow higher up, rais­ing the up­per eye­lid skin crease

“It is great to know we are lead­ing the way in these cut­ting edge tech­niques”

and lat­eral cor­ners of the eye­lid and re­dis­tribut­ing the nor­mal fat pad from the baggy ar­eas to the hol­low ar­eas. For ex­tended lower lid surgery, in­ter­nal lifts to the cheeks help re­duce sag­ging and re­ju­ve­nate the mid face area. By rais­ing these ar­eas closer to their orig­i­nal land­mark po­si­tion we can achieve a far more nat­u­ral ap­pear­ance.

Why would some­one choose an ex­tended lift over stan­dard eye­lid re­duc­tion?

An ex­tended lift has dis­tinct ben­e­fits, the most im­por­tant be­ing that with the ex­tended tech­nique the sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure is tai­lor made for ev­ery pa­tient, en­abling the sur­geon to de­liver a far more nat­u­ral re­sult.

It is no sur­prise that this treat­ment has be­come very pop­u­lar among celebri­ties and in ar­eas with high num­bers of de­mand­ing cos­metic pa­tients, like Bev­erly Hills, so how come Nor­wich is lead­ing the way here in the UK?

Over the years, cos­metic eye pro­ce­dures have been devel­oped, re­de­vel­oped and re­fined to ad­vance sur­gi­cal tech­niques, mak­ing pro­ce­dures safer and min­imis­ing post op­er­a­tive com­pli­ca­tions. For any surgery or pro­ce­dures performed on the face it is crit­i­cal to main­tain nor­mal face ‘ac­tiv­ity’. There­fore these ex­tra sur­gi­cal re­fine­ments be­come even more im­por­tant.

It is nat­u­ral as a sur­geon to look to re­fine one’s tech­nique and I fol­lowed re­cent ad­vances here in the UK and over­seas to learn about newly devel­oped cos­metic eye surgery tech­niques, in par­tic­u­lar with North Amer­i­can­based sur­geons. How­ever, I was pleas­antly sur­prised to at­tend the latest Bri­tish Ocu­lo­plas­tic Surgery So­ci­ety con­fer­ence re­cently where I re­alised that the sub­ject mat­ter was ex­actly what we have been do­ing for the past two years right here in Nor­wich, so it is great to know we are lead­ing the way in these cut­ting edge tech­niques. If you would like fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, a free con­sul­ta­tion is avail­able with a se­nior skin­care prac­ti­tioner at Nor­wich Cos­metic Clinic. To make an ap­point­ment call 01603 877470. For a pri­vate con­sul­ta­tion with Bi­jan Beigi call 01603 255647.

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