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The sil­ver-grey coat of the Weimaraner has earned the ep­i­thet of the ‘grey ghost’. The breed was cre­ated at the Ger­man court of Grand Duke Karl Au­gust of Weimar where it was de­vel­oped as a point­ing dog for the no­bil­ity in the early 19th cen­tury, but there is a dog of Weimaraner type in a Van Dyke por­trait three cen­turies be­fore this date. The no­bil­ity of Weimar wished to re­tain the dog as ex­clu­sive to the elite classes and a club was set up with strict en­force­ment of breed­ing and own­er­ship. If a dog was sold to a non­mem­ber, the dog was se­cretly ster­ilised be­fore pass­ing it on. It was not un­til the ad­vent of the Sec­ond World War that the breed be­came bet­ter known out­side of Ger­many. The breed was first seen in the UK in the 1950s and is now very pop­u­lar in the show ring. The breed also has a long-haired va­ri­ety, which is much less nu­mer­ous.

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