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This month cos­metic sur­geon BI­JAN BEIGI talks about where the ear­li­est tell-tale signs of age­ing ap­pear – the an­swer might sur­prise you…

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So where can we ex­pect to see the first signs of age­ing?

A lot of time is spent bat­tling the signs of age­ing around the face but very of­ten it is our hands that give away those first signs. Over time, our hands ap­pear de­hy­drated or lose vol­ume and age spots, brit­tle nails and prom­i­nent veins all con­trib­ute to tell-tale signs of age­ing in our hands.

Why is that?

We for­get that our hands are ex­posed on a daily ba­sis to a wide range of el­e­ments all of which con­trib­ute to age­ing skin, in­clud­ing ex­tremes in tem­per­a­ture which can dry the skin out and of course UV, which is the worst for pig­men­ta­tion spots. Age also means the skin it­self be­comes thin and the elas­tic­ity goes.

Is there any­thing we can do to com­bat these signs of age­ing in our hands?

Whilst noth­ing can halt the pas­sage of time, a lot can be done to pro­tect the skin on our hands. I think the mes­sage is clear about wear­ing SPF on our face and bod­ies, but it is very of­ten over­looked when it comes to our hands. How­ever, this should be the first place we ap­ply SPF and it should be done every day, as most peo­ple ex­pose their hands to UV 365 days of the year. We can also pro­tect our hands by wear­ing gloves when do­ing jobs which may cause dam­age such as clean­ing and gar­den­ing. And of course, mois­tur­is­ing daily is a must.

So if all this fails, is there any­thing that can be done to im­prove our hands?

IPL, which stands for In­tense Pulsed Light, can be used for the treat­ment of pig­men­ta­tion, sun dam­age and age spots both on the face and hands. The treat­ment safely and com­fort­ably fades the ap­pear­ance of skin im­per­fec­tions caused by the sun and un­even skin tones caused by age spots us­ing in­tense pulsed light.

How does IPL work?

At Nor­wich Cos­metic Clinic we use com­bined bipo­lar ra­diofre­quency and pulsed light en­er­gies of the Elos tech­nol­ogy, to pre­cisely and safely tar­get pig­mented le­sions such as freck­les, sunspots and age spots.

So if you want to look your best don’t for­get your hands as they can give away those first tell-tale signs of age­ing!

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