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Un­til 1964, what we now know as the Nor­folk Ter­rier and the Nor­wich Ter­rier were both shown as the Nor­wich Ter­rier. This breed, recog­nised in 1932, had two per­mis­si­ble types of ear, the drop eared va­ri­ety now known as the Nor­folk and the prick-eared va­ri­ety now known as the Nor­wich. They are the small­est of the ter­rier breeds, but with great sub­stance for their size and char­ac­ters to match. This prick-eared ter­rier had been the more pop­u­lar va­ri­ety, the prick ear giv­ing it a sharp­ness of ex­pres­sion and out­line. Oth­er­wise, the stan­dards for both breeds are al­most iden­ti­cal, and both are now in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar for their won­der­ful tem­per­a­ments.

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