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I would like to re­place my dead cherry tree with another, would it be ok to plant it in the same spot?

Cher­ries are mem­bers of the rose fam­ily and suf­fer from re­plant dis­ease if planted in the same area. This can be al­le­vi­ated; the soil can be changed with fresh soil from another part of the gar­den and some gar­den­ers use a buried card­board box to keep the soil sep­a­rate un­til the box rots away and the plant is es­tab­lished. Mixing in well­rot­ted com­post will also help. Adding my­c­or­rhizal fungi when plant­ing is also said to help pre­vent re­plant dis­ease, Cher­ries grown on colt root­stock are also less sus­cep­ti­ble.

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