Driv­ing in France? Know your lim­its…

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Many Brits plan­ning to drive in France this year will be un­aware the speed limit on 250,000 miles of roads is be­ing changed. It could re­sult in a fine of up to 750 euros.

The new law comes in force on 1 July – just as many fam­i­lies head for France on hol­i­day – with the limit on two-lane roads, with­out cen­tral sep­a­ra­tion, out­side built-up ar­eas cut from 90kph to 80kph (56mph to 50mph). Note it’s lower in the wet – 70kph (43mph).

The lower limit, which has caused con­tro­versy among the French, on the equiv­a­lent of non-du­alled UK A and B roads comes after road deaths in France surged to al­most 3,500 in 2016, with 55% of them on twolane routes with­out any sep­a­ra­tion be­tween traf­fic – 32% down to ex­ces­sive or in­ap­pro­pri­ate speed. Al­most twice as many peo­ple are killed on French roads than in the UK. In fact, the 1,911 fa­tal­i­ties on two-lane roads in France in 2016 out­weighed the to­tal 1,792 deaths on all types of road in Bri­tain.

The roads af­fected by the lower speed limit are most com­monly used by Brits ex­plor­ing ru­ral ar­eas of France after leav­ing the mo­tor­ways. The speed limit for mo­tor­ways re­mains 130kph (110kph in wet weather), dual car­riage­ways 110kph (100kph) and built-up ar­eas 50kph. Ex­pect the French po­lice to be strictly en­forc­ing the new speed limit.

You have been warned...

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