EDP Norfolk - - THE MARDLER -

Each month Adam Ja­cot de Boinod, au­thor of The Mean­ing of Tingo, poses a vo­cab­u­lary quiz from our lo­cal Nor­folk di­alect. Can you guess the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion from the fol­low­ing three op­tions for:

1) mar­dle

A) to gos­sip, to chat

B) a lean deer not fit to hunt

C) wool taken from a dead sheep

2) botty

A) the last and least will­ing sheep to be sheared

B) the large paunch in a pig

C) fussy, par­tic­u­lar

3) ol­lands

A) the traces left by a stag in the un­der­wood through which he has passed

B) downy par­ti­cles which ac­cu­mu­late un­der fur­ni­ture from the neg­li­gence of house­maids

C) old grass­land, ploughed for the first time

4) eli­jahs

A) small low clouds in a clear sky

B) string tied around labourer’s trousers, just below the knee

C) small worth­less ap­ples re­main­ing on the tree after the crop has been gath­ered in

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