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1 The use of lo­cal carr­stone for build­ings in Downham Mar­ket led to its be­ing called the … town (11)

9 100,000-year-old hand axes from … Age mam­moth hunters have been found in gravel dredged near Yar­mouth (3)

10 … Cooper, for­mer chair­man of Nor­wich City FC (3)

11 … sol­dier, plant trooper at NWT Up­ton Broad and Marshes? (5)

12 Shell­fish as­so­ci­ated with Cromer (4)

13 Rare birds with boom­ing calls – ap­prox­i­mately a third of the UK’s breed­ing pairs live in Nor­folk (8)

15 In the 10th cen­tury, King … gave the pa­tron­age of Bran­caster church to the Abbey of Ram­sey (5)

16 In the 7th cen­tury, St … be­came the first Bishop of East Anglia (5)

21 Nor­wich has the largest set of … un­der­crofts in the UK (8)

23 Choco­late cov­ered caramel that was first man­u­fac­tured in Nor­wich in the 1930s (4)

25 The Thet­ford Mun­zee … is ‘an ex­cit­ing 21st cen­tury scav­enger hunt for ev­ery­one to en­joy and it’s a great way to ex­plore’ the town (5)

26 ‘Doc­tor …’, sci-fi TV se­ries Karen Davies from Nor­wich was the world’s first ‘Master­mind’ cham­pion where the spe­cial­ist knowl­edge round was based upon this se­ries (3)

27 ‘Very good’ com­pan­ion to the timelord in 26 Across played by So­phie Al­dred, who got mar­ried in Wals­ing­ham (3)

28 Crime-drama star­ring Nicola Walker and San­jeev Bhaskar that used King’s Lynn as a film­ing lo­ca­tion dur­ing se­ries three (11)


2 Er­sk­ine Hamil­ton Childers, who was ed­u­cated at Gre­sham’s School, Holt, was the 4th Pres­i­dent of … (7)

3 In 2006, Kieron Bradley and Pete Ash from Nor­wich were part of a trio who en­tered the Guin­ness Book of Records for trav­el­ling the long­est dis­tance in a kite-pow­ered buggy when they suc­cess­fully trav­elled across the … Desert (4)

4 Dur­ing the 12th and 13th cen­turies, Breck­land was noted for its … war­rens (6)

5 In 1988, the … Mack­in­tosh fac­tory in Nor­wich was taken over by Nes­tle (8)

6 Dur­ing the reign of Ed­ward VI, the stone … slab of Tharston Church was placed at the door for peo­ple to walk over in or­der to sym­bol­ise the break with the Catholic Church (5)

7 It is said that a … with a wooden leg was once buried alive in East Somer­ton church­yard and a large oak tree then grew from her leg and de­stroyed the church! (5)

8 Eastern Daily …, news­pa­per that be­gan print­ing in Nor­wich in 1870 (5)

14 In 1815-16, wounded sol­diers from the Bat­tle of … were treated at the for­mer Royal Naval Hos­pi­tal in Yar­mouth (8)

17 The re­mains of an … fort can be found at Warham Camp (4, 3)

18 Delia …, celebrity chef who is a joint ma­jor­ity share­holder at Nor­wich City FC (5)

19 In­sect that can be called an erri­wig­gle in Nor­folk (6)

20 Col­lared … – in the 1950s, north Nor­folk saw the first UK nest of these birds (5)

22 The New Bed­ford River, which runs be­tween Den­ver and Earith, is some­times called the Hun­dred Foot … (5)

24 Al­co­hol time holds town? (4)


1 Type of cake made with a cer­tain spice (11)

9 Frozen wa­ter (3)

10 Short form of Robert (3) 11 Clear liq­uid that falls as rain (5) 12 Edi­ble shell­fish with ten legs and two large claws (4)

13 Large birds of the heron fam­ily that live near wa­ter and make a loud boom­ing sound (8) 15 Ana­gram of ‘grade’ (5) 16 Ana­gram of ‘life x’ (5) 21 Be­long­ing to the Mid­dle Ages (8) 23 Ad­vert: ‘Do you love any­one enough to give them your last ..?’ (4)

25 Se­ries of signs or ob­jects left be­hind by the pas­sage of some­one or some­thing (5)

26 Which per­son? (3)

27 Card that can be the high­est or low­est value in a suit (3)

28 Still re­mem­bered (11)


2 Is­land close to Wales (7) 3 Desert in cen­tral Asia (4) 4 Small an­i­mal with long ears and soft fur (6) 5 …-Mack­in­tosh Con­fec­tionary, con­fec­tionary com­pany that was formed by the merger of two com­pa­nies and then taken over by Nes­tle (8)

6 Spe­cial ta­ble where re­li­gious cer­e­monies are per­formed (5) 7 Fe­male wizard (5) 8 News­pa­pers and news mag­a­zines (5)

14 1815 bat­tle where Napoleon met his fi­nal de­feat (8)

17 Pe­riod fol­low­ing the Bronze Age (4, 3)

18 Com­mon sur­name (5) 19 Small, brown in­sect with a pair of ter­mi­nal ap­pendages that look like pin­cers (6)

20 Birds as­so­ci­ated with peace (5) 22 Let liq­uid flow away from some­thing (5)

24 North Nor­folk town (4)

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