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And so we ar­rive in 2019, per­haps a lit­tle bleary and puffy from the tail-end of 2018 but other­wise in­tact. At this point on the cal­en­dar, with the year ahead stretch­ing out as crisp and invit­ing as a new £20 note, much ad­vice on how to make this Your Best Year Ever! is prof­fered.

We are quite happy to hop on this par­tic­u­lar band-wagon. Within these pages you will find sound and sen­si­ble tips on how to be the very best you can and it starts right here, right now, with my seven-point Nor­folk well­ness guide.

1. It’s about yew

It re­ally is.

2. Make a list

You know how busy life is. There are so many things that need to be done, even if you’ve a few sum­mers un­der your belt and don’t have the hum­drum busi­ness of earn­ing a crust to worry about. One of the hard­est things is re­mem­ber­ing to do it all so grab a pen and a notepad – or use a smart­phone if you re­ally must – and get it all down and tick it off as you go along.

Of course you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got the es­sen­tials down like ‘Re­mem­ber to read list!’ or ‘Find list!’ or ‘Buy notepad for list!’

Even­tu­ally you’ll give up and re­vert to type, walk­ing into rooms and say­ing out loud ‘What have I come in here for?’ But at least you tried.

3. Get out there

There’s so much to see and do in Nor­folk – just look at this month’s ‘101 things to see’ guide. Put your coat and wellies on – es­pe­cially for those June events – and do some­thing. Any­thing in­volv­ing per­for­mance art earns dou­ble points; triple if it’s mime.

4. Make time for gorm­ing

Es­sen­tial – gorm­ing is the ying to the yang of go­ing out and do­ing some­thing. It is the art of do­ing noth­ing, but with pur­pose. It must not be con­fused with do­ing noth­ing un­in­ten­tion­ally and is best done in comfy dress­ing gown or one­sie (win­ter) or shorts and flip-flops (sum­mer). Gorm­ing may well have orig­i­nated in the Far East, but with a cooler name, like Zlee Ping or Nap Taim.

5. Feed your soul

How do you feed your soul? Why through the stom­ach, of course. Nor­folk has many fine peo­ple do­ing their level best to help your soul, so re­spect them and your­selves by go­ing out and eat­ing the good things. Maybe not kale, so much.

6. Work your body

The yang to the ying of feed­ing your soul. Just be care­ful – we’re not as ag­ile as we think and while pole-danc­ing may be a great way to get fit al­ways keep in mind that sce­nario where you have to ex­plain to the nice nurse in A&E ex­actly what went wrong.

7. Sub­scribe to EDP Nor­folk

You knew this was com­ing. But we’re all about the won­der­ful well­ness that this lovely county brings, so you know it makes sense. You’re wel­come and happy New Year!

The dawn of a new you. Or what­ever.

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