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1 Dur­ing the Sec­ond World War, Bri­tan­nia …, Yar­mouth, was blown up to stop it be­ing used as a land­ing point should the Ger­mans in­vade (4)

3 The … Show – Chan­nel 5 show that vis­ited Great Snor­ing to com­pare the film­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties of three smart­phones (6)

9 Hey­don hosts an an­nual …-of-war on the vil­lage green (3)

10 The Princess The­atre, Hun­stan­ton, was named after Lady … Spencer (5)

11 The sanc­tu­ary of Our Lady of Wals­ing­ham was re­stored in 1897 by re­script of Pope … XIII (3)

12 Henry Wil­liamson, who wrote the novel, … Ot­ter, lived at Stiffkey (5, 3)

13 The bar­ley grown in East An­glia could pro­duce 2.5 mil­lion pints of … (4)

15 And 5 Down … May, TV pre­sen­ter who ap­peared to fly a car­a­van over Nor­wich air­port for the TV show “Top …” (5 and 4)

17 Es­tab­lished in 1898, Broom …, Brun­dall, were the long­est es­tab­lished builder of these ves­sels in the UK be­fore re­cently switch­ing to other as­pects of their busi­ness (5)

21 And 29 Across Ja­son Statham, who moved to Yar­mouth when he was a child, has co-starred in …, Stock and Two Smok­ing Bar­rels and had a cameo ap­pear­ance at the end of … and Fu­ri­ous 6 be­fore play­ing the an­tag­o­nist in

Fu­ri­ous 7 (4 and 4)

22 In­sect that flew out of RAF Coltishall? (8)

25 The Ro­many …, novel by Ge­orge Bor­row from East Dereham (3)

26 This is thought to be the world’s old­est foot­ball chant:

Kick it off, throw it in, have a lit­tle scrim­mage,

Keep it low, a splen­did rush, bravo, win or die;

… ball, City, never mind the dan­ger, Steady on, now’s your chance, Hur­rah! We’ve scored a goal. (2, 3)

27 Ac­cord­ing to le­gend, a fid­dler and his … went into tun­nels near Bin­ham Pri­ory and the fid­dler was never seen again, although his mu­sic can still some­times be heard (3)

28 Ed­ward Pope is hop­ing to build a … park and wildlife re­serve at the former quarry work­ings at Watling­ton (6)

29 See 21 Across


1 East Anglian farm­ers grow a third of Eng­land’s … crop (6)

2 Sir Ed­ward …, English com­poser who stayed with his friend, Wal­ter Hansell, on his fre­quent vis­its to Nor­wich (5)

4 … Christie, crime writer who ded­i­cated Sad Cy­press to Peter and Mar­garet McLeod of North Wal­sham (6)

5 See 15 Across

6 Nor­wich Cathe­dral’s 315ft spire is the sec­ond … in the coun­try (7)

7 Au­thor who set De­vices and De­sires in the fic­tional town of Lark­so­ken on the Nor­folk coast (1.1.5)

8 Sir Roger …, late James Bond ac­tor who per­formed at Nor­wich The­atre Royal in 2016 (5)

14 Capriol Films shot their adap­ta­tion of Oliver Gold­smith’s com­edy, She Stoops to …, at Wive­ton Hall (7)

16 And 19 Down Terry Mol­loy, who moved to Nor­folk when he met his wife, is known for play­ing Mike Tucker in the ra­dio se­ries The … and Davros in … Who (7 and 6)

18 Holme Bird Ob­ser­va­tory Re­serve has over 50 species of … (5)

19 See 16 Down

20 He­len Mor­rell from King’s Lynn wrote … Me Not about the ups and downs of men­tal health care in Nor­folk (6)

23 The Vidiyal Trust, which has its UK base at Brun­dall, has been work­ing in slum com­mu­ni­ties in South … for over 27 years (5)

24 Queen Is­abella, of­ten called the She-… of France, is said to haunt Cas­tle Ris­ing (4)


1 Struc­ture built out from the land over wa­ter (4)

3 Small de­vice or tool that does some­thing use­ful or im­pres­sive (6) 9 Pull (3)

10 Lady … Spencer was the first wife of Prince Charles (5)

11 Fifth sign of the Zo­diac (3) 12 Henry Wil­liam Wil­liamson won the Hawthorn­den Prize for lit­er­a­ture in 1928 for … Ot­ter (5, 3)

13 Al­co­holic bev­er­age (4)

15 Man’s name (5)

17 Small ves­sels moved on wa­ter by sails, oars or en­gines (5) 21 Fas­ten some­thing shut with a key (4) 22 In­sect – or De Hav­il­land …, com­bat air­craft (8)

25 Plant that pro­duces grain used as a food and in mak­ing whiskey (3) 26 Ana­gram of “to hen” (2, 3) 27 An­i­mal kept as a pet or for guard­ing build­ings (3)

28 Trip to ob­serve an­i­mals in their nat­u­ral habi­tat (6)

29 Very quick (4)


1 Veg­etable that grows un­der­ground (6) 2 Sir Ed­ward …, English com­poser fa­mous for “Pomp and Cir­cum­stance Marches” (5)

4 … Christie, crime writer whose fa­mous char­ac­ters in­clude Her­cule Poirot and Miss Marple (6)

5 Part of a car en­gine that changes en­gine power into move­ment (4) 6 Great­est in height (7)

7 Late crime writer who cre­ated the char­ac­ter of po­lice com­man­der Adam Dal­gliesh (1.1.5)

8 Sir Roger …, late English ac­tor fa­mous for play­ing James Bond and Si­mon Tem­plar (5)

14 Take con­trol of a place or peo­ple us­ing mil­i­tary force (7)

16 Those who shoot ar­rows us­ing bows (7)

18 Woman’s name – or all the plants that grow in a par­tic­u­lar re­gion (5)

19 … Who, TV sci-fi se­ries (6)

20 Fail to re­mem­ber (6) 23 Re­pub­lic in the Asian sub­con­ti­nent in south­ern Asia (5)

24 Wild an­i­mal sim­i­lar to a large dog (4)

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