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Each month Adam Ja­cot de Boinod, au­thor of

The Mean­ing of Tingo, poses a vo­cab­u­lary quiz from our lo­cal Nor­folk di­alect. Can you guess the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion from the fol­low­ing three op­tions for:

1) dun­duck­y­timur

A) a bab­bler, chat­terer B) a cylin­dri­cal or ‘sausage’ curl on a wig

C) a dull, in­de­scrib­able colour

2) brawk

A) a path­way up to a steep hill

B) the cop­u­la­tion of foxes C) to belch loudly after meals

3) dockey

A) a labourer’s din­ner B) a turn­stile

C) a spur at­tached to the heel of a fight­ing cock

4) swig­gle

A) to whet one’s scythes to­gether

B) to play with one’s food C) to shake liq­uid in an en­closed ves­sel

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