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The Quays Or­thotic Prac­tice was founded by Pam Coul­ton in 2011, after years of ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing as an Ortho­tist in the NHS. Pam was a Prin­ci­pal Ortho­tist within the NHS as well as be­ing the Clin­i­cal Lead for one of Eu­rope’s largest pri­vate com­pa­nies, which pro­vides clin­i­cians and Or­thotic and Pros­thetic de­vices to the pub­lic and pri­vate sec­tor. Pam recog­nised that there was a need for pri­vate Or­thotic ser­vices in the UK, and de­cided that her clinic should be sit­u­ated cen­trally, and out­side of Lon­don. Lin­coln was cho­sen as the best city in which to launch the pri­vate prac­tice, and in the years since its in­cep­tion, we have seen large num­bers of pa­tients from around the Mid­lands and be­yond.

The word ‘Or­thotic’ has be­come syn­ony­mous with an in­sole that fits into footwear, and whilst these are in­deed orthotics, this is not where the scope of the Ortho­tist ends; quite the con­trary in fact, as this is where it of­ten be­gins. If you think of the skele­ton as be­ing like a scaf­fold that holds us up, if this were not grounded cor­rectly at the bot­tom, then it would be shaky and un­sta­ble the fur­ther up you went. The same is true with our skele­ton, and in the same way that you would use com­plex me­chan­ics to work out how to pre­cisely sta­bilise the scaf­fold, the Ortho­tist uses biome­chan­ics to do the same with our bod­ies. An Or­thotic de­vice can be any­thing from a sim­ple in­sole, of­ten be­spoke, which fits into the shoe, but can ex­tend right up to a cage that can hold some­one’s head to their shoul­ders after they have sus­tained a bro­ken neck for ex­am­ple. Orthotics are braces that serve to ‘straighten’ us, and these are used as com­monly on the up­per body, as they are for feet, an­kles, knees, hips and the spine.

Pam’s vi­sion was to be able to pro­vide a qual­ity ser­vice, which placed the pa­tient at the heart of the care process, and which was de­signed to be of ben­e­fit to the young, as well as the young at heart, to those who play sports or who en­gage in rig­or­ous fit­ness pro­grams, but also for those who may be less en­er­getic, in fact any­one ex­pe­ri­enc­ing pain, for whom surgery is nei­ther avail­able, nor a pre­ferred op­tion. The Quays Or­thotic Prac­tice in Lin­coln, has done this very suc­cess­fully for nearly 8 years now, and Pam be­lieves that the time is right to ex­tend this ser­vice to the peo­ple of North Nor­folk.

We are now proud to an­nounce the open­ing of our new clinic in Wells-next-the-Sea, and we very much hope to be able to help as many peo­ple in Nor­folk as we have in Lin­colnshire and be­yond, to re­duce pain, in­crease mo­bil­ity, and gen­er­ally help them to live their best lives. Book now for your FREE ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion, and let us help you on your jour­ney to­day.

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