Mak­ing a dif­fer­ence with CO2 laser treat­ment

This month, con­sul­tant sur­geon Bi­jan Beigi talks about the dif­fer­ence CO2 laser resur­fac­ing can make in re­duc­ing the signs of age­ing, scars or blem­ishes, and help­ing to re­store a younger, fresher ap­pear­ance

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Look­ing at these im­ages, you can see from the ‘be­fore’ image that the skin of this long-term pa­tient of ours has suf­fered from se­vere sun and smok­ing dam­age, tak­ing into ac­count the fine lines which have de­vel­oped around the mouth.

We can also see ac­cen­tu­a­tion of the nasal labial lines, which are the lines run­ning from the nose to ei­ther side of the mouth. This is caused by the loss of elas­tic­ity and vol­ume in the skin.

There are a range of treat­ments which can help to give the ap­pear­ance of younger-look­ing skin and which could have been used to tackle these is­sues, such as chem­i­cal peels, Derma­plan­ing and mi­cro­der­mabra­sion.

Each treat­ment uses very spe­cific tech­nolo­gies to achieve re­sults and some are more ef­fec­tive than oth­ers. CO2 laser resur­fac­ing re­sults in thick­en­ing of newly formed skin.

For this par­tic­u­lar pa­tient, CO2 laser resur­fac­ing was con­sid­ered the best op­tion for achiev­ing the best re­sults. In case of any need to im­prove sag­ging of the jaw line, a mini face-lift un­der lo­cal anaes­thetic is one of our rou­tine pro­ce­dures.

CO2 laser resur­fac­ing uses a ma­trix of laser light points that vary in in­ten­sity to stim­u­late and re­model col­la­gen for im­prove­ment of wrin­kles and crepey skin. Ar­eas that can be treated us­ing CO2 laser are around the mouth, eyes, or over the en­tire sur­face of the face and neck.

Although this was pre­vi­ously an in­va­sive treat­ment that re­quired a lengthy re­cov­ery time, we are now us­ing frac­tion­ated tech­niques with less down­time – around 2-3 days. As you can see from the ‘after’ image, it does de­liver re­sults which should last for sev­eral years.

When con­sid­er­ing any form of cos­metic treat­ment, we rec­om­mend you be­gin by speak­ing to a qual­i­fied skin care prac­ti­tioner. At Nor­wich Cos­metic Clinic, we of­fer a free con­sul­ta­tion with one of our highly trained prac­ti­tion­ers and we only rec­om­mend prod­ucts and treat­ments which are right for you and your skin.

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ABOVE:Be­fore (left) and after (right) CO2 laser treat­ment

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