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Pre heat the oven to 180C You will need a deep, three-pint oven-to-ta­ble serv­ing dish

1 large pan­netone (or use a brioche loaf)

6 eggs

250ml full fat milk 250ml sin­gle cream 125g caster sugar, plus ex­tra for top­ping

50g but­ter

25g pis­ta­chio nuts

25g dried cran­ber­ries 25ml whisky

125g white choco­late

50g marmalade

Vanilla paste

6. Add the whisky (or rum, amaretto, sherry...) Stir un­til the choco­late has com­pletely melted.

8. Crush the pis­ta­chios and sprin­kle them on to the panet­tone; add the dried cran­ber­ries.

15. Place into a deep tray, place the tray in a pre-heated 180C oven and add wa­ter to the tray, so it comes half­way up the dish. Bake for around 30 min­utes.

4. Place the four egg yolks and two whole eggs into a bowl, add the sugar and whisk.

5. Re­move the milk and cream from the heat, add the white choco­late.

7. Cut the panet­tone into large chunks and place it into the dish.

16. Re­move from the oven, dredge gen­er­ously with caster sugar and serve.

10. Whisk the re­main­ing egg whites to a soft peak, us­ing a clean whisk.

12. Pour the cus­tard onto the panet­tone. Fill to the brim and al­low to stand for a few min­utes.

13. Let the bread soak up the cus­tard, then add the re­main­ing cus­tard.

1. Gen­er­ously but­ter the cho­sen dish.

2. Heat the milk and cream to a gen­tle sim­mer.

11. Fold the whites into the cus­tard.

9. Com­bine the cream with the whisked yolks and sugar.

3. Sep­a­rate four of the six eggs.

14. Top with the marmalade.

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