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This month, Bi­jan Beigi talks about thread veins, what causes them and what can we do about them

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How to get rid of thread veins

Thread veins, some­times re­ferred to as spi­der veins, are the thin but prom­i­nent red, blue or pur­ple blood ves­sels which lie just be­low the sur­face of the skin, most com­monly found on the legs and face. The med­i­cal term for them is telang­iec­ta­sia.

There are many rea­sons one might de­velop thread veins, for ex­am­ple hor­monal changes as­so­ci­ated with preg­nancy and the menopause or ex­po­sure to wind or ex­treme tem­per­a­tures. You can also in­herit a fam­ily ten­dency to them.

The un­for­tu­nate truth is, how­ever, that nearly all of us will de­velop them as we age and our skin and blood ves­sels be­come less elas­tic.

The good news is that while they can be un­sightly, they are highly treat­able.

As you can see from pa­tients we have seen at the clinic, the re­sults when treat­ing thread veins can be im­pres­sive. Our qual­i­fied prac­ti­tion­ers use pre­ci­sion laser ther­apy to tar­get the vein, heat­ing the ves­sel walls and caus­ing them to weaken, col­lapse and be ab­sorbed by the body.

Please note how­ever, that this treat­ment is not suit­able for vari­cose or blue veins, which re­quire a dif­fer­ent ap­proach.

Tack­ling thread veins is one of our most ef­fec­tive treat­ments as dra­matic re­sults can be achieved in as lit­tle as five to 30 min­utes, de­pend­ing on the treat­ment area and most thread veins can be treated with be­tween three and six ses­sions, six to eight weeks apart.

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ABOVE:Pre­ci­sion laser ther­apy is used to break down the veins.LEFT:These be­fore and af­ter pho­tos show how ef­fec­tive the treat­ment can be

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