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Each month Adam Jacot de Boinod, au­thor of

The Mean­ing of Tingo, poses a vo­cab­u­lary quiz from our lo­cal Nor­folk di­alect. Can you guess the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion from the fol­low­ing three op­tions for:

1) Yalm

A) the sec­ond swarm of bees in the same sea­son B) a brief re­spite or in­ter­val in the weather

C) to eat hun­grily

2) Shan­nock

A) a na­tive of Sher­ing­ham; born of true Sher­ing­ham stock

B) the grown-out shoot of a stored potato

C) the small­est bell of a church peal

3) Lum­mox

A) a clumsy per­son

B) a badly-man­u­fac­tured tid­dly­wink, flat on both sides

C) to turn round be­fore ly­ing down, as an an­i­mal of­ten does

4) Non­ick­ing

A) bounc­ing from a hand­stand to your feet in one move

B) loud fem­i­nine laugh­ter C) horse­play

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