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I have a Pyra­can­tha planted against my wall; how do I prune with­out los­ing all the flow­ers and berries?

Pyra­can­tha are best pruned in late spring when they are flow­er­ing so as many of these stems can be kept as pos­si­ble; they flower and fruit on the pre­vi­ous year’s wood so when prun­ing keep this in mind. Firstly prune out any dis­eased, dam­aged ma­te­rial or stems grow­ing away from the wall. Other growth can be short­ened by half or tied in to fit the space. In late sum­mer the new side shoots which have grown from this frame­work can be short­ened to a few inches from the base keep­ing the shrub neatly against the wall and show­ing off the au­tumn berries. In­evitably some berries are lost when prun­ing but if pruned reg­u­larly a good crop can still be achieved.

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