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Each month Adam Ja­cot de Boinod, au­thor of

The Mean­ing of Tingo, poses a vo­cab­u­lary quiz from our lo­cal Nor­folk di­alect. Can you guess the cor­rect def­i­ni­tion from the fol­low­ing three op­tions for:

1) primmicky

A) sullen, shy and re­pel­lent in man­ner

B) af­fected, dif­fi­cult to please

C) in­ter­roga­tory, al­ways ask­ing ques­tions or in­quir­ing

2) screws

A) small worth­less apples re­main­ing on the tree af­ter the crop has been gath­ered in

B) the traces left by a stag in the un­der­growth through which he has passed

C) rheumatic aches and pains

3) marl

A) a path­way up to a steep hill

B) a youth be­tween boy­hood and man­hood C) chalk

4) smur

A) fine rain, driz­zle

B) a fault, a de­fect

C) the sec­ond swarm of bees in the same sea­son

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