On to one of the more triv­ial dilem­mas of mod­ern par­ent­ing – whether to get your child the gad­get they so des­per­ately want.

We have nav­i­gated the smart­phone ques­tion with our daugh­ter, who’s had one for a few years now. But, apart from the fact the screen seems to get bro­ken ev­ery five min­utes, we are now at that stage of “It’s so em­bar­rass­ing that I have such an old phone. No one has this model any more!” (It is the same one her par­ents have and we cope fine.)

Now, in the run up to Christ­mas, our son, who’s seven, has sud­denly started talk­ing about an Xbox. We’ve never had to think about one of these be­fore. I dread it. I’ve heard from other mums that their boys change per­son­al­ity when they games. I know Hugo just wants to play FIFA20 at the mo­ment, but what would it lead to and would we ever get him off the thing? Also, I was stag­gered by the cost. This is a ma­jor in­vest­ment! He’s only in Year 2. Surely I can sit this one out a bit longer?

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