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Jean Lurçat lived in a golden time for Euro­pean art: he was friends with lead­ing lights of the Cu­bist and Sur­re­al­ist move­ments in the 1920s, but un­like them, never be­came a house­hold name. That was partly due to his pre­ferred me­dia – ta­pes­try, ce­ram­ics, fab­ric and wall­pa­per, as well as po­etry – but also to his un­con­ven­tional aes­thetic, in­spired by the dec­o­ra­tive arts of the Mid­dle Ages and dom­i­nated by an­i­mals, fan­tas­ti­cal crea­tures and cos­mol­ogy. Now Lurçat is mak­ing waves again thanks to a new col­lec­tion of fab­rics and wall­pa­pers by Pierre Frey, cre­ated in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Jean and Si­mone Lurçat Foun­da­tion. There are three fab­rics and three wall­pa­pers, in­clud­ing the Matis­seesque ‘Sirènes’; ‘Ar­lequins’ linen, a colour­ful treat­ment of the har­lequin theme; and ‘Cham­pagne’ wall­pa­per, a dream­like evo­ca­tion of bub­bles, star­bursts and birds. Fab­rics, from £103.20 per me­tre; wall­pa­pers, £199.20 per ten-me­tre roll (pier­ You can also visit the Ate­lier-musée Jean Lurçat, the artist’s home and studio, in France (46400 Saint-lau­rent-les-tours). From left ‘Ar­lequins’ linen. ‘Sirènes’ fab­ric in blue and yel­low. ‘Soleil Noir’ linen. A fan­tas­ti­cal mu­ral in­side the Ate­lier-musée Jean Lurçat. Pink ‘Cham­pagne’ wall­pa­per

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