A healthy home needs a steady flow of fresh air and nat­u­ral light. We asked Grant Sned­don, prod­uct man­ager at Velux, for his ad­vice

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Where’s the best place for win­dows?

When look­ing at the struc­ture of your home or new ex­ten­sion, the role of day­light should al­ways be a key con­sid­er­a­tion. Think not just about the num­ber of win­dows, but also the direction they’ll face. South­fac­ing win­dows al­low most of the day’s sun­light to en­ter your home.

What about roof win­dows?

Roof win­dows can let in up to twice as much light as ver­ti­cal win­dows, be­cause the glaz­ing is an­gled di­rectly to­wards the sun, and can also help to en­hance views and al­low day­light to pen­e­trate into bath­rooms and hall­ways. Take into ac­count the pitch of the roof – the lower it is, the longer the roof window should be.

When it comes to choos­ing roof win­dows, a clas­sic cen­trepivot de­sign is ideal for lower in­stal­la­tions, as they al­low space for fur­ni­ture to be placed be­neath the frame. Top-hung ver­sions are also worth con­sid­er­ing, though. Open­ing out­wards, with a han­dle at the bot­tom, they’re most ef­fec­tive where the base of the window is within reach.

Are there any other op­tions?

Other op­tions in­clude sun tun­nels, which are per­fect for get­ting nat­u­ral light into cor­ri­dors, stair­wells, bath­rooms and cup­boards, or un­der flat roofs where in­stal­la­tion of a tra­di­tional roof window is not pos­si­ble.

How many win­dows do I need?

There’s cur­rently no leg­is­la­tion on ex­actly how much day­light a home re­quires, but the Bri­tish Stan­dard rec­om­men­da­tion ( BS 8206-2:2008 Light­ing for Build­ings – Code of Prac­tice for Day­light­ing) sug­gests a 20 per cent glaz­ing to floor area ra­tio. Ul­ti­mately, though, it’s up to the home­owner. Most home­own­ers will al­ways crave the light­est, bright­est and fresh­est home they can cre­ate. velux.com

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