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Tell us your se­crets Natasha on how you grew your In­sta­gram?

For two years be­fore I opened my In­sta­gram I stud­ied In­sta­gram. Ev­ery day I would watch YouTube tu­to­ri­als on grow­ing or­gan­i­cally, I found my­self a fab­u­lous men­tor on­line in the US and I would dive into the rab­bit holes of the in­ter­net do­ing my own re­search on how to get In­sta fa­mous. I then de­cided the first thing I needed to do was take some high qual­ity pic­tures (enough to post 1-3 a day) so that’s what I did. I got my hus­band to take around 40 pic­tures in a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent out­fits that I knew would last me a month and I pre­pared some witty and in­ter­ac­tive cap­tions for them. I hit the floor run­ning with all my knowl­edge and pic­tures and I was ready to take on the world of In­sta­gram! And that’s how it be­gan ;)

What’s your top tip to our read­ers on how they can grow their In­sta­gram ac­counts?

Ahh I have so many amaz­ing tips... one of the best ones is to hash­tag your pics with rel­e­vant hash­tags (write them in the first com­ment not your cap­tion so it doesn’t clut­ter your cap­tion space) Re­search hash­tags which don’t have like one mil­lion pho­tos on them, as you’ll have more chance of reach­ing the ‘top posts’ sec­tion. Choose hash­tags which have less posts. For ex­am­ple #whit­e­dress has nearly two mil­lion posts but #whit­e­dresses has only 50,000 posts so you’re more likely to be seen by hash­tag­ging a smaller one – yessss girl!

Ba­si­cally, if you get lots of trac­tion within the first one hour of post­ing your photo then you’ll hit the top post page for all your hash­tags and then hope­fully hit the ex­plore page. By trac­tion I mean plenty of com­ments and likes.

So if you have 30 hash­tags and you are able to hit the top post sec­tion for most of those then that will do mir­a­cles for your en­gage­ment!

Your In­sta­gram looks fab­u­lous! How can smaller in­sta­gram­mers de­velop their pages to be­come prof­itable in­sta­gram pages too?

Aw thank you! I have to say it’s all about cre­at­ing an aes­thet­i­cally ap­peal­ing page. Ei­ther by choos­ing a theme for your page or by us­ing the same fil­ter on all your im­ages, a good app for this is called Vsco. This way your fol­low­ers and brands know what kind of con­tent you pro­duce and know what they will re­ceive by fol­low­ing you. Then you want to think about the kind of pho­tos you are up­load­ing. If you want to mon­e­tise your posts then you need su­per hot con­tent, so if you want to be a fash­ion blog­ger for ex­am­ple then you need to take good qual­ity clean shots of your­self in the kind of out­fits or brands you are aim­ing to pro­mote. Avoid try­ing to up­load pics of your cat hav­ing its din­ner or what beer you drank with your old school bud­dies last night as that will con­tra­dict your new glossy fash­ion page. Keep it busi­ness girl! Find out what it is your fol­low­ers are in­ter­ested in – do ques­tion games on your story for this or see which of your posts do well. Your fol­low­ing will start to build if they see a con­sis­tent feed of beau­ti­ful fash­ion posts for ex­am­ple. My fi­nal tip for to­day is to keep your im­ages fo­cused on the prod­uct you are one day go­ing to be ‘paid’ to pro­mote. So set up your self timer on your cam­era or get your boyfriend to take some pics of you and snap away! Take plenty of pics in front of pretty flower style back­grounds for ex­am­ple or, on the con­trary, plain back­ground shots ready for your week ahead. Oh and don’t for­get to post them at peak times (be­fore work in the morn­ing or af­ter work in the even­ings are op­ti­mum slots) post around 1-3 a day.

Good luck my gor­geous babes!! You can fol­low my In­sta­gram for more daily tips and videos on how to get In­sta fa­mous @natasha­grano

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