The actor shares her unorthodox beauty tips and go-to products

I HIT THE SACK… Between 1O.3O and 11.45pm. Ideally, I love nine hours’ sleep. It rarely happens, but when I get it, I feel like a human that could do anything. I WAKE UP AT… Various hours, depending on work. There is no

‘normal’ in my profession, every day is different. If I’m shooting,

I have to be up at around 4am, but if not, I get up around 8am. Any later and the guilt sets in. THE FIRST THING THAT PASSES MY LIPS IS… A cup of tea. I’m not a big coffee drinker. I find caffeine adds to the anxiety that’s already there, so I try to avoid it.

MY MAKE-UP ROUTINE… Is an indulgence I like to take my time over. I start with a proper skincare regime: I love the Clé de Peau Beauté Softening Cleansing Foam, followed by a serum I work in using a facial roller. Make-up wise, I live for concealer, particular­ly near the nose and under my eyes, followed by a little bit of blush and a pink-y toned lip colour.

I EXERCISE… Around three times a week, but if I’m prepping for an action role I have to step that up to five times a week. If it’s just for myself, I like to do a combinatio­n of yoga and work with my trainer, Louise Drake. MY INEXCUSABL­E BEAUTY HABIT IS…

Really bad. I always pick the loose skin on the sides of my nails, almost like a twitch. THE LAST BEAUTY ITEM I BOUGHT WAS… A facial roller, I’ve become obsessed. I find it really relaxing. WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR I SEE…

The possibilit­y for transforma­tion. I enjoy the process of putting on make-up; I love it when

you can just get rid of blemishes and dark circles and they vanish. MY GREATEST BEAUTY DISCOVERY IS… The Clé de Peau concealer. It’s a lifesaver. MY CURRENT STATE OF

BEING IS… Happy. I did some exercise this morning, which always helps me feel better, so I don’t feel so lethargic. I light a Diptyque candle, close the door and get out my yoga mat for a stretch. MY FRIDGE IS ALWAYS FILLED WITH…

Sardines. I love them on toast, something my husband can’t stand, but they’re packed with vitamins. Crisps are my weakness, though. MY BODY IS… What it is. I don’t care as much about what other people think now. I’ve turned down the volume on that inner critic. THE BIGGEST BEAUTY LESSON I EVER LEARNED WAS… Doing the wings of your eyeliner first, then you can just match them up. It’s always the hardest part, so if you can get them right, you can just fill in the rest.

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