Sur­pass­ing Ex­pec­ta­tions

Priedemann Fa­cade Ex­perts have adopted a unique ap­proach to the build­ing fa­cade in­dus­try, spe­cial­is­ing its ser­vices in the pur­suit of ver­ti­cal growth

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Build­ing long­stand­ing re­la­tion­ships in the ar­chi­tec­tural and con­struc­tion in­dus­try

here is a unique­ness to Priedemann Fa­cade Ex­perts that sets it apart from its com­pe­ti­tion, stem­ming from a long his­tory of in­no­va­tion and at­ten­tion to de­tail that has built long-last­ing client re­la­tion­ships.

The Com­pany has a fo­cused ap­proach to its full ser­vice work on fa­cades, with op­er­a­tions specif­i­cally ded­i­cated to its field of ex­per­tise.

“We learnt early on that it is wrong to in­sist on your own ser­vice scope and de­scrip­tions,” ex­plains Lars An­ders, CEO at Priedemann Fa­cade Ex­perts. “What our clients need to be suc­cess­ful is a com­pany that will lis­ten to their needs and find the per­fect so­lu­tion to meet them; that is what we are able to of­fer.

“We know that the re­quire­ments of a fa­cade con­sul­tancy in the UK will dif­fer tremen­dously from one in Nairobi for ex­am­ple, there­fore we have founded lo­cal set-ups to en­sure that we un­der­stand lo­cal needs and com­bine these with global ex­per­tise in or­der to cus­tomise our ser­vice as per the mar­ket re­quire­ments.”

Cen­tral to the suc­cess of the Com­pany since it was founded in 1993, is its fo­cused core com­pe­tence. Priedemann was cre­ated in or­der to meet with the con­struc­tion de­mand in Berlin af­ter the wall came down, plac­ing it­self right at the cen­tre of the dras­tic changes be­ing wit­nessed at that time.

An­ders con­tin­ues: “There was a lot of space to fill in the new heart of Berlin and Mr Priedemann, the founder of the Com­pany, built up a busi­ness that was able to work suc­cess­fully on these projects to ac­com­plish the per­fect fa­cade for each of it.”

Chang­ing out­look

The core busi­ness es­tab­lished by Mr Priedemann, was set up to pro­vide fa­cade con­sul­tancy ser­vices, in which the Com­pany would sup­port de­sign­ing ar­chi­tects and project own­ers with the pro­vi­sion of tech­ni­cal so­lu­tions, cost­ing and qual­ity man­age­ment.

Through the years, the whole char­ac­ter of the con­sul­tancy has changed with the fi­nal out­come of a more col­lab­o­ra­tive ap­proach to each con­tract, hold­ing con­sult­ing-rounds and tak­ing on more re­spon­si­bil­ity for guid­ing clients through the en­tire process.

“Gen­er­ally, I would say that one of the most im­por­tant as­pects of our busi­ness is en­sur­ing that clients are re­ceiv­ing best value for money,” af­firms An­ders. “They want to ex­e­cute the con­struc­tion of a per­fect en­ergy ef­fi­cient build­ing en­ve­lope in time, bud­get and best de­signs, while us­ing a per­son that they can trust to make this hap­pen.”

In or­der to per­fectly stay state- of-the-art with its ser­vices while still pro­vid­ing value for money, the Com­pany founded the Priedemann Fa­cade-lab a head­quar­ters specif­i­cally for work on its re­search & devel­op­ment (R&D) ser­vices.

An­ders adds: “Through in­cor­po­rat­ing new tech­nolo­gies into its re­mit, we have been able to in­crease in­no­va­tion within our Com­pany while also fill­ing a gap in the mar­ket to suit our ver­ti­cal strat­egy for growth.”

It is our aim to be­come an ex­pert in the devel­op­ment of the build­ing en­ve­lope prod­ucts...

At present Priedemann’s com­pe­ti­tion is grow­ing more hor­i­zon­tally, adding more con­sult­ing ser­vices to its port­fo­lio in­stead of in­creas­ing the de­tailed knowl­edge to cre­ate a spe­cial­ity within the mar­ket.

“This is not our strat­egy, and over the years we have tried to re­main fo­cused on fa­cades,” ex­plains An­ders. “This is why we chose to re­name our prac­tice to fa­cade ex­perts, mov­ing our work away from sim­ple fa­cade con­sul­tan­cies and fa­cade en­gi­neer­ing.

“It is our aim to be­come an ex­pert in the devel­op­ment of the build­ing en­ve­lope prod­ucts, which will sub­se­quently en­able us to de­liver the best pos­si­ble ser­vice for our clients.”

Over the years, the Com­pany has been strin­gent on its mis­sion of be­ing fo­cused on its ver­ti­cal growth, which oc­ca­sion­ally has called for step­ping back from projects or cer­tain op­por­tu­ni­ties.

An­ders con­tin­ues: “I was re­cently met with a pro­posal from an of­fice in an in­ter­na­tional hot spot and de­spite the fact it was very ap­peal­ing, it would have in­volved a 50/50 split be­tween con­sul­tancy and struc­tural work. We didn’t be­lieve that adding a struc­tural com­pany to our port­fo­lio would be the right fit. We do one thing – be­yond stan­dard.”

As pre­vi­ously men­tioned, Priedemann was formed out of a need to aid the re­build­ing of Berlin’s new cen­tre and for the Com­pany; this be­gan with a con­sul­tancy con­tract for a tower build­ing in a more clas­si­cal “New York style de­sign”.

This sig­na­ture style has been de­vel­oped and in­no­vated over the years and has since led to ex­cit­ing projects all over the world. For ex­am­ple, the team took part in an en­gi­neer­ing con­tract for a tower project 10 years back in Kuwait, tasked with cre­at­ing a fa­cade for a twisted- build­ing, which it achieved through work with a lo­cal firm in­stead of ex­pen­sive im­ports.

“Per­haps one of our smaller but iconic projects was the Porsche Pavil­ion,” states An­ders. “It was a rel­a­tively small, re­cently de­signed build­ing that was built to look like the en­gine cowl­ing of a Porsche 911 and some­thing that was of course dif­fi­cult to achieve, but now it is such an iconic piece as the Porsche show­room for the new­est car pre­sen­ta­tions. It’s fully welded out of steel as one mono­coque - unique in the world.”

From the small­est to the largest devel­op­ment, the cre­ation of the glass fa­cade on the Festo build­ing in Esslin­gen was a high point for the Com­pany, where Priedemann was hired to achieve some­thing that hadn’t been done be­fore.

“The Com­pany that hired us is a mar­ket leader in its sec­tor and re­quired a head­quar­ters that would rep­re­sent its in­no­va­tive strength; with the main ques­tion be­ing could we do some­thing that hasn’t been done be­fore,” ex­plains An­ders. “For Festo, we cre­ated a new kind of fully glazed ex­haust air fa­cade, in­clud­ing a new air cav­ity dou­ble-skin with thanks to the use of blinds which proved to be in­cred­i­bly cost and en­ergy-ef­fec­tive.”

The idea of in­te­grat­ing blinds into the over­all en­ergy de­sign af­fect of the fa­cade be­gan in the Mid­dle East, where blinds were be­ing used in par­tic­u­lar as glare con­trol and as a way to con­trol the heat when a fa­cade was not do­ing its job prop­erly.

An­ders de­scribes: “It then clicked in my brain that the use of tex­tile could pro­vide us with a help­ful tool, and that drove our de­sign on along­side the use of elec­tro-chrome glaz­ing which changes shade de­pend­ing on the in­ten­sity of the sun. The achieved com­fort is out­stand­ing, the fa­cade an ac­tive el­e­ment.

“It is also the first project in the world to have a small-ro­bot clean­ing the whole glass fa­cade. It is able to wash it au­to­mat­i­cally by ex­treme re­duced wa­ter con­sump­tion and pro­vid­ing a “no look into” pri­vacy dur­ing us­age; so I would say that in its en­tirety this project pro­vided a mile­stone in in­no­va­tion for our Com­pany.”

Cre­at­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties

Dur­ing the 16 years that An­ders has worked at Priedemann, the Com­pany has grown from six peo­ple to a team of 130 and in that time only very few peo­ple have re­signed. This fact is a tes­ta­ment to the ded­i­ca­tion to its peo­ple and pride taken by man­age­ment to en­sure that they are happy and ful­filled within their role.

An­ders adds: “We pro­vide cus­tomised con­tracts with in­di­vid­ual re­spon­si­bil­ity for each of our em­ploy­ees. The well- be­ing of each team mem­ber is a mat­ter that is very close to our heart, we’re a fam­ily and we lis­ten to the de­mands they have to deal with in life in or­der to get the best for everyone.

“We also try to cre­ate ca­reer op­por­tu­ni­ties all over the world in our var­i­ous out­lets, along­side pro­vid­ing ed­u­ca­tional pro­grammes in all as­pects of busi­ness from soft­ware to man­age­ment skills.”

It is ap­par­ent in ev­ery as­pect of the busi­ness that at­ten­tion to de­tail and re­spect are key fac­tors in the suc­cess it has ex­pe­ri­enced over the years, grow­ing from a small busi­ness to a great suc­cess.

“I think a nice note to fin­ish on that sums up our ethos within the Com­pany came with the re­cent re­turn of one of our team mem­bers,” con­cludes An­ders. “A year ago one of my em­ploy­ees de­cided to try out a new op­por­tu­nity and I told him to go and see what the world had to of­fer him, but to bear in mind that we would miss him and that our door was al­ways open to him.

“A year later to the day he re­turned and that made me in­cred­i­bly proud. We’re a big fam­ily with an ex­cep­tional work ethic and I be­lieve that is why we suc­ceed and peo­ple want to stay.”

“We also try to cre­ate ca­reer op­por­tu­ni­ties all over the world in our var­i­ous out­lets, along­side pro­vid­ing ed­u­ca­tional pro­grammes in all as­pects of busi­ness from soft­ware to man­age­ment skills.” PHO­TOG­RA­PHY: X21. DE REINER FREESE

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