Tem­ple of Olympian Zeus

EME Outlook - - Athens -

“The build­ing of the Tem­ple of Olympian Zeus ac­tu­ally be­gan in the 6th Cen­tury by Pei­sis­tratos but work was stopped ei­ther be­cause of a lack of money or be­cause Pi­si­s­tra­tus’s son, Hip­pias, was over­thrown in 510 BC. The tem­ple was not fin­ished un­til the Em­peror Hadrian com­pleted in 131 AD, seven hun­dred years later… Though only a few col­umns re­main of the Tem­ple of Olympia Zeus it does not take much imag­i­na­tion to re­al­ize that this was one mon­ster of a build­ing.” - athens­guide.com

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