Of all the De­fend­ers, Finn Jones has come in for the rough­est ride. Iron Fist, the show in which the 29-year-old Brit stars as fear­somely fisted rich kid Danny Rand, was the last of the solo shows to de­but on Net­flix, and ran into a bar­rage of crit­i­cism;

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Where is Danny when we meet him in The De­fend­ers?

It’s about two months after Iron Fist fin­ishes. He’s a man on a mis­sion now. He’s got the guilt from not be­ing there when K’un Lun was in­vaded. He’s been trav­el­ling around the world with Colleen Wing, try­ing to track down mem­bers of The Hand.

How does he fit into the team?

Danny is the youngest of the group and I think that youth gives him an edge. He’s got an en­er­getic drive to get things done. He’s the strong­est voice for a team-up. But he’s reck­less as well. He won’t think be­fore he acts. That gets him and the other three into a lot of trou­ble.

Who is the coolest De­fender?

Krys­ten’s the coolest as a per­son. Mike’s quite stylish. Me and Char­lie are both bums, we come to work in our track­suits. Mike will come in with a full trilby hat, blazer and shoes. Krys­ten’s al­ways knit­ting a jumper, or a dog’s jumper, or some­thing.

Have you watched all the other shows?

The other guys will kill me, but no. I landed the role in Feb­ru­ary of last year, started film­ing in March. I haven’t had a chance. I’ve seen the first sea­son of Dare­devil, the first three episodes of Luke Cage and the first three episodes of Jes­sica Jones.

Do you get free Net­flix?

Oh yeah. They gave me a nice an­nual pass. That was very kind of them. Only for one year, though. I’ll see if I can get an­other one next year.

Who would win in a fight be­tween all four of you?

If shit went down, I think it would be Mike. The dude’s just mas­sive.

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