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Hey Idris! Good to see you. Good to see you again.

I’ve seen your film Yardie twice now. Twice! What was it like watch­ing it the sec­ond time? It’s in­ter­est­ing, watch­ing films again. I watch some clas­sics again be­cause I wanna see a dif­fer­ent an­gle. In one scene [in Good­fel­las] I wanna watch Ray Liotta, and the next scene I wanna watch De Niro the whole time.

Oh, I’ve seen Good­fel­las a thou­sand times. I’ve writ­ten ex­haus­tively about it. Woo-hoo! Have you talked about the con­ti­nu­ity is­sues in it?

No, but I know from in­ter­views with Thelma Schoon­maker that Scors­ese doesn’t re­ally care. He doesn’t! I know!

Yardie is shot beau­ti­fully. The cam­era moves around very grace­fully.

John Con­roy, the DP [cin­e­matog­ra­pher], he and I go back. His dad was cin­e­matog­ra­pher on In The Name Of The Fa­ther. So he comes from film­mak­ing blue blood. Ire­land and Ja­maica re­ally have a his­tory to­gether — there’s an aes­thetic there that’s quite re­lat­able. There’s an Ir­ish town in Ja­maica. There’s a sense of shared lan­guage. And Ja­maicans say “Ee­jiot.” [Laughs.]


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