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★ OUT now / CERT 18 / 118 MINS DI­REC­TOR Chee Keong Che­ung CAST Oris Erhuero, Car­los Gal­lardo, Mark Strange, Joshua Dick­in­son

A vi­ral OUT­BREAK in the South-east of Eng­land turns in­fectees into de­mented zom­bies. This am­bi­tious low-bud­get bri­tish movie from writer-di­rec­tor Chee Keong Che­ung turns up a few new ideas — the can­ni­bal in­fected start to show ma­lign in­tel­li­gence — but they get lost in a chop­pily scripted, wildly over­long ef­fort. A squad who have only three days to find the cure to a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse spend as much time beat­ing each other up in stupid quar­rels as they do clash­ing with the un­dead. Scarcely match­ing the qual­ity of the di­rect-todvd Zom­bie Di­aries films, Red­con-1 is a hard slog, with a damp squib fi­nale. Nearly two hours of grunts ver­sus zom­bies feels puni­tive.

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