Our sea­son low­down on the man who makes prob­lems dis­ap­pear for the rich and fa­mous

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Ray Dono­van is a Hol­ly­wood fixer. Your movie’s star has just been found with a head­less corpse? Ray’s your man. But as good as he is at fix­ing other peo­ple’s prob­lems, he has a few of his own. Most no­table among them is Mickey, his es­tranged fa­ther, newly re­leased from pri­son — some­where many peo­ple would dearly like to see him re­turn. Ray en­coun­ters the priest who abused both him and his brother Bunchy, lead­ing Ray to put a bul­let in the fa­ther’s face and his own fa­ther to put one in a Bos­ton gang­ster — one Ray had sent to kill him.


In the fall­out of the killing, Ray tan­gles with an FBI agent and a nosey re­porter. Mean­while, Mickey mas­ter­minds a rob­bery that leaves Ray’s brother Terry in jail.


Dogged by his mur­der of the abu­sive priest, Ray is pur­sued by an in­ves­ti­gat­ing cler­gy­man. Mean­while Mickey tries his hand at pimp­ing only to get en­tan­gled with the Ar­me­nian mob, cul­mi­nat­ing in a shootout.


While once again un­der the thumb of or­gan­ised crime (Rus­sians, this time), Ray’s big­ger prob­lem is closer to home. His wife, Abby, is di­ag­nosed with cancer and re­fuses to seek treat­ment, leav­ing her fu­ture in doubt.


A con­vo­luted chronol­ogy re­counts the last weeks of Abby’s life and the af­ter­math of her death from cancer as Ray goes off the deep end. His feud with Mickey reaches a crescendo as his fa­ther is carted off to jail, framed (by Ray) for the mur­der of a Fed­eral Agent. The cracks in Ray’s psy­che widen, how­ever, and he ends the sea­son jump­ing off a roof and into a river.


Af­ter sur­viv­ing his plunge, Ray re­lo­cates to NYC where he is once again em­broiled in cor­rup­tion, this time with the NYPD and a may­oral can­di­date.

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