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JAMES DYER @jamescdyer Evan­gel­i­cal about Aliens and Nuns On The Run. Once had a wee next to Ice Cube.

TERRI WHITE @ter­ri_white Is dis­ap­pointed in any film that isn’t un­re­lent­ingly grim. Apart from La La Land.

JONATHAN PILE @jon­nypile Flirts with high­brow films, but is hap­pi­est in front of a de­cent thriller.

HE­LEN O’HARA @he­len­lo­hara Likes su­per­heroes. And films about smart peo­ple ar­gu­ing, ide­ally while fall­ing in love.

DAN JOLIN @dan­jolin Favourite film is Brazil, di­rec­tor is Nolan, fran­chise is Planet Of The Apes (the good ones).

IAN FREER @mri­an­freer Loves Jaws and The 400 Blows and Apoca­lypse Now. Yet to see The Big Le­bowski.

NICK DE SEM­LYEN @nick­de­sem­lyen Loves film noir and Peter Jack­son films. Can re­cite the lyrics to Magic Dance from Labyrinth.

CHRIS HE­WITT @chrishe­witt Loves hor­ror and Mar­vel flicks. Freddy vs Tony would be his best movie ever.

JOHN NU­GENT @mr_nu­gent Big fan of Pow­ell, Press­burger, Pixar and Preda­tor. And other films that do not start with ‘P’.

OLLY RICHARDS @ol­ly_richards In­sists Bat­man Re­turns is the best Bat­man film and will (weakly) fight you over it.

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