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Di­rec­tor Colin Trevor­row re­veals ex­clu­sively to Em­pire the full story be­hind lur­ing Juras­sic Park stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Gold­blum back for an­other dino-ad­ven­ture in Juras­sic World 3

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Colin Trevor­row drops a few hints about the fi­nal part of his dinotril­o­gyosaurus.

Why was it im­por­tant for this trio to come back to Juras­sic?

I’ve been re­ally pro­tec­tive of these char­ac­ters. Some might ar­gue too pro­tec­tive. In the first film, I wanted to fo­cus on cre­at­ing new he­roes. They weren’t mod­elled af­ter Alan Grant [Neill], El­lie Sat­tler [Dern] or Ian Mal­colm [Gold­blum]. I wanted them to find their place in the larger story and earn the right to stand along­side the legacy char­ac­ters. I feel like they’ve done that now. So when you see Owen Grady [Chris Pratt] along­side Alan Grant, hope­fully that will be a bit more mean­ing­ful.

How long ago did you know they would be part of the story? [Reg­u­lar Trevor­row co-writer] Derek Con­nolly and I took a road trip a cou­ple of weeks af­ter Juras­sic World came out. We’d talked about a gen­eral arc for a tril­ogy be­fore then, but we hadn’t hun­kered down to re­ally map it out. We’d brought back Dr Henry Wu first be­cause he was the man be­hind the sci­ence and the only one who made sense. Oth­er­wise, we’d have had to come up with a rea­son why El­lie, Mal­colm and Grant all went to the theme park on the ex­act same day it broke down — again. But the next film al­lows the legacy char­ac­ters to be a part of the story in an or­ganic way. [Juras­sic World 3 screen­writer] Emily Carmichael and I call it ‘Juras­sic Park VI’, be­cause it is.

How did you get the stars on board? Did you turn up via he­li­copter with a bot­tle of cham­pagne, John Ham­mond style?

I wish I had Ham­mond’s show­man­ship. In this case, each one was dif­fer­ent. I struck up a re­la­tion­ship with Jeff when we were work­ing on his part in Fallen King­dom. Sam and I met by phone, but we’ll fi­nally get to hang out this week­end in Spain: I have a feel­ing there will be red wine in­volved. Laura and I met when she was at Pinewood for The Last Jedi. I was a lit­tle awestruck meet­ing her at first. Some­day I’ll get past it. Maybe.

How much fun is it to write lines for these char­ac­ters? How has their dy­namic evolved? The chal­lenge is to make sure they don’t feel like car­i­ca­tures or par­o­dies of them­selves. They’re so iconic, you can eas­ily fall into that trap. You start by ask­ing the most ba­sic ques­tions: who are these peo­ple now? What do they make of the new world they’re liv­ing in, and how do they feel about be­ing part of its his­tory? Ul­ti­mately it will be in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the ac­tors. They know and love these char­ac­ters. We’ll do it to­gether.

Last time the trio were in a Juras­sic film, a hur­ri­cane de­stroyed the set. Are you wor­ried? Well now I am. Thanks, Em­pire.

 ??  ?? Clock­wise from top: The gang are back; Juras­sic short Bat­tle At Big Rock; Di­rec­tor Colin Trevor­row.
Clock­wise from top: The gang are back; Juras­sic short Bat­tle At Big Rock; Di­rec­tor Colin Trevor­row.
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