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A new dawn in Star Wars, with a new mantra (and a thou­sand new memes). It’s a mantra that con­nects peo­ple, a code by which they live. Sim­ply it’s: “This is the way.”

But The Man­dalo­rian’s ar­rival marks not just a new dawn in the world that Ge­orge Lu­cas be­gan, but the one we now live in. This is much more than the start of a great new telly show, but a whole new world and a whole new way. With Dis­ney+, we’re set to see the most am­bi­tious small-screen/ big-screen/telly/movie cin­e­matic sto­ry­telling cross­over project ever. What does it mean for cin­ema? What does it mean for TV? Oh God, wher­ever will we get the time? As with all big changes we’re ner­vous, a bit scared and mas­sively ex­cited. So we did the only thing you can do in such a tu­mul­tuous state: send our Chris He­witt to speak to Jon Favreau and Pe­dro Pas­cal to get un­der the skin of just how and why The Man­dalo­rian hap­pened. We’ll worry about the rest in due course.

This is the way. You know, it’s four words that I’ve been won­der­ing about as I write this. About what con­nects us through great telly, great movies. What con­nects us as peo­ple. And what con­nects us, to you, our won­der­ful read­ers. You see, this is my last is­sue speak­ing to you for a bit: I’m off to bring a child into the world (if I’m lucky it will share some char­ac­ter­is­tics with The Child). And while I’ll miss this — miss, well, you — I also take con­so­la­tion in a cou­ple of things. That you’ll be left in the ma­jes­tic hands of Nick de Sem­lyen, who’ll be Act­ing Editor, and that, well, this is the way. Isn’t it?

See you in a lit­tle while.


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