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Hi, Char­l­ize. How’s life been treat­ing you in lock­down? Are you binge­watch­ing any­thing at the mo­ment?

No, I am home school­ing. And I’ve just been told that the com­puter isn’t work­ing right now, so that’s great [laughs]. If I didn’t have to do this part of quar­an­tine I think I’d be okay with it, but the home school­ing is just... Yeah. Do you have kids?

No, I don’t. Hence my lock­down ex­pe­ri­ence be­ing very binge­watch-heavy.

Oh my God, I hate you right now [laughs]. Hon­estly, I thought mak­ing ac­tion movies was hard. But this…

How of­ten do you watch your own movies?

If I catch one on tele­vi­sion I’ll watch a bit of it. But I’m never like: “Okay, tonight I’m go­ing to sit down and watch my­self!”

What about films you’ve pro­duced with your pro­duc­tion com­pany [Den­ver and Delilah Pro­duc­tions]? When you pro­duce some­thing, you see it in the edit­ing room, the sound mix, the test screen­ings... I’m not kid­ding, every movie I pro­duce I’ve prob­a­bly seen 150 times be­fore it’s even come out.

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