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Ben Travis (Deputy Online Editor):

I’m very excited for this. I kind of wish they hadn’t given away what the film is, but at the same time knowing what it is — a future man battling dinosaurs on prehistori­c Earth — makes me want to see it so much. The fact that the man is Adam Driver is even better.

Beth Webb (News Editor): Adam Driver in this role is interestin­g to me. Thus far he’s gone for very unconventi­onal roles, even in a big franchise like Star Wars.

This is his first shot at playing a straight action hero.

Ben: The last thing I saw him fight was that wall in Marriage Story.

Beth: It’s exciting that Sam Raimi’s involved in this.

John Nugent (Reviews Editor): It doesn’t scream Raimi. Maybe Army Of Darkness? But it’s always nice to see his name, sure.

Mike Cathro (Deputy Art Director): It doesn’t look scary enough to be Raimi.

Beth: Maybe Bruce Campbell voices one of the dinosaurs.

Ben: Maybe Adam Driver’s going to get vomited on by a tree.

Sophie Butcher (Social Media Editor): Maybe there’ll be a music fight between Adam Driver and a T-rex, like in Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness.

Ben: So, Kylo Ren is on the way to Exegol, but halfway through he encounters an “undocument­ed asteroid” and spins down to Earth. Is what seems to be happening here.

Sophie: What is an “undocument­ed asteroid”? Do asteroids tend to have much paperwork?

Ben: I’m confused. Is the whole point that Adam Driver coming to Earth is the start of humanity?

Beth: His name is Adam. And he is the original man.

John: Well, this was set 65 million years ago, which was, as I’m sure we all know, the end of the Cretaceous period, which is the point at which the extinction event happens.

Beth: Are you making this up or is this a fact that you have readily available for moments like this?

John: No, that’s all correct.

Sophie: Are we saying that this undocument­ed asteroid is the same asteroid as the one that killed the dinosaurs?

Ben: I think we’re going to find out that actually all of the dinosaurs were killed by Adam Driver.

John: He goes on an extinction-level killing spree.

Sophie: Adam Driver yelling, “Every day I wake up and I hope you’re dead!” at the dinosaurs like he does at Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story.

John: I like that they went to him and said, “So Adam, you’re going to be playing a futuristic space-astronaut man. Do you maybe want to have a military haircut?” And he was like, “No, I’m just going to have my shoulder-length medieval bob that

I have in every film and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Sophie: It works for him. He’s already been in the military in real life; his short-haired days are behind him.

Ben: This is why I loved Jurassic Park and I really liked Kong: Skull Island. It’s like, “Everything in this jungle wants to kill you.” I feel like we don’t get enough of that. Mike: Did anyone ever play Dino Crisis? Because these are the vibes that I’m getting. Futuristic militia with guns and dinosaurs. It was an awesome game.

Beth: We really don’t have enough dinosaurs in big action films, aside from the obvious franchise.

Ben: Yeah it’s just that and The Tree Of Life, isn’t it?

Beth: The Jurassic Park films, The Tree Of Life and the Toy Story films. What a canon.

Ben: A shout out to The Land Before Time as well.

Beth: No — we can’t talk about that film unless you want me to sob through the rest of this Trailer Talk. I can hear that Diana Ross theme song in my head already.

Mike: That’s very Jurassic Park.

John: It’s nice that he calls it “alien”. I like this idea that if you came to a new planet and you saw dinosaurs but you didn’t know what they were, you would think they were aliens. Because they’re bloody mad, aren’t they, dinosaurs? They’re absolutely massive and scary.

Beth: I have to say I’m finding this fatherdaug­hter dynamic in stories a little overbearin­g now. We’ve just seen it in

The Last Of Us, for example.

John: See also Jurassic Park and Dr. Alan Grant. It’s been done.

Mike: I still think that it’ll be a big, fun laugh.

Sophie: Dinosaurs: good.


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