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Giles Coren on fathers (him) and sons (Sam, aged four). This month: another weighty conundrum


In his latest dispatch from the sharp end of fatherhood, he ponders a weighty new question

I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking at that picture of my son and you’re thinking, “Fat little bastard”. Sure, he’s cute. He’s got a nice little face. He looks a bit retarded because his mum took him for a haircut on the morning of the photo shoot (completely failing to grasp the first rule of shoots which is, “never have a haircut closer than two weeks before, or you’re going to look like a chump”) but on the whole he is a good-looking boy.

Except he’s fat. Arse on him like Vanessa Feltz and a full frontal presentati­on at bath time that puts one in mind of a Gavin and Stacey-era James Corden or a well-waxed Christophe­r Biggins, all giggly on too much rosé.

It’s all very well to say that it’s puppy fat. It’s all very well to pinch his cheeks and go, “Who’s a cheeky chubby-chops? Awww, wittle fatty boom-boom…” and nuzzle your face in his tummy and blow raspberrie­s and feel how they ripple through him like a fart in the bath, but what if… IT DOESN’T GO AWAY?

You know what I’m saying? Adele’s parents probably thought it was puppy fat too. And Paul Hollywood’s. And Russell

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