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Coming Around Again

A high-spec new turntable nods to a club classic

- By Johnny Davis Photograph by Charlie Gates

Readers of a certain vintage, lend us your ears. This direct-drive turntable may resemble the quintessen­tial nightclub DJ deck, the Technics SL-1200, with its strobe-surrounded platter and controls to the front left of the plinth, but the Reloop HiFi Turn 5 is aimed at audiophile­s rather than ravers. The sturdy, industrial unit weighs a comparably meaty 12.8kg but distinguis­hes itself with its versatile motor that allows for 33, 45 and 78rpm playback at the turn of a switch. The S-shaped tonearm also has a removable headshell, the better to accommodat­e the easy swapping of cartridges (for those who keep a 78rpm mono cartridge for their shellac records, for example). With superior bass and excellent sound separation this is hi-fi-grade kit at a price to please even non-superstar DJs.

 ??  ?? Turn 5 hi-fi turntable, £650, by Reloophenl­
Turn 5 hi-fi turntable, £650, by Reloophenl­

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