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One of a kind trainers from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton introduces sneakers with a limited edition of one

- By Charlie Teasdale Photograph by Michael Thomas

The splendour of the Venetian lagoon melts away alarmingly quickly as you head inland. Canals, vaporettos and audacious bridges give way to a flat expanse that runs all the way to the foot of the Tyrolean rise, which looms over the right eyebrow of Italy. This lowland is home to the Riviera del Brenta, an area that surrounds the canal that runs from Padua to Venice, and one of the foremost regions of fine shoe production in the world. In turn, it is home to Louis Vuitton’s Manufactur­e de Souliers, in the little town of Fiesso d’Artico. From its atelier, the French brand now offers a customisat­ion service on its Run Away trainers, allowing clients to choose from scores of materials and colours (including the iconic “Damier” check), of which the number of possible combinatio­ns is near endless: into the millions, apparently — there are more than 300 possible arrangemen­ts on the outsole alone. Each shoe is stitched, glued, monogramme­d (should you want it to be) and boxed by hand, and the finished pair will be delivered seven weeks after you designed them on the Louis Vuitton website. From £920.

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