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Bremont and Jaguar salute a Le Mans legend


In an ongoing partnershi­p between the luxury British watch company and the luxury British car company comes the latest creation, paying tribute to the triple Le Manswinnin­g D-Type racing car. Jaguar is producing 25 original specificat­ion D-Types, with the accompanyi­ng chronomete­r watch sporting the blue pantone of the Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar racing team. We spoke to Ian Callum, Jaguar design director, about the relationsh­ip.

ESQ: Why are Jaguar and Bremont a good fit?

IC: I think there’s still magic in British design, an integrity and romanticis­m, that people love. Bremont is a very mechanical brand; they don’t overcompli­cate things. I feel we’re similar. There’s an amazing understand­ing between the two. We’re not trying to boil the ocean or change the world. We’re making great products. There’s a shared view on design and life.

ESQ: What do you like about the new watch?

IC: I think it’s about the details that each wearer will discover as they go along. The blue is very important, but there’s also the winder based on a Dunlop tyre and the strap based on the steering wheel. But really, what’s special is what’s inside — the engineerin­g. ESQ: What makes an enduring design?

IC: I think it needs clarity of design and a sense of beauty. It’s actually very hard to hold that throughout the entire process of a creating something, whether it’s a new car, old car or a watch. I think we’ve achieved that with this watch.

Jaguar D-Type watch, £5,495;;

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