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Victorinox Inox Carbon Mechanical 43mm black carbon case, black rubber strap


After its successful launch in 2018, Victorinox announces the second mechanical iteration of Inox, its sports watch line known for almost comical toughness — tests include being blasted by corrosive liquids and run over by a tank — while maintainin­g a cool, streamline­d aesthetic. As its name suggests, this version is made from a carbon composite, something also used to protect space shuttles from atmospheri­c re-entry at temperatur­es that can exceed 1,260°C, where presumably checking the time would be the last thing on your mind. Scratch-resistant, hypoallerg­enic and with Super-Luminova detailing on the dial and the strap, it somehow weighs in at just a fraction under 100g. One of the toughest watches on this planet then, now fully space-proofed. FR £800;

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