‘Just be­ing gen­uine was bet­ter than a cheesy chat-up line’

Daniel Ken­nard

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Age: 30 Oc­cu­pa­tion: De­sign en­gi­neer, Sch­lum­berger

From: Balme­die

QHow do you dress to im­press?

AJeans and a shirt. I’m mar­ried so I don’t need to make too much of an ef­fort any more.

QWhat items do you take with you?

AMy wal­let, phone, keys and, oc­ca­sion­ally, my wife.

QWhere does the hottest tal­ent hang out?

AIt’s prob­a­bly best not to say as I’d get into a lot of trou­ble.

QWhere’s the best place to start your night out?

AI’d have to say Soul. I re­ally like the at­mos­phere in there.

QWhat’s your never-fail chat-up line?

AFrom the past I’d rec­om­mend just be­ing gen­uine and buy­ing the per­son you have your eye on a drink. There’s no line that works bet­ter than be­ing friendly.

QWhat’s your favourite late-night snack?

AI’m a big fan of a ke­bab and cheese and

QWhat’s your most em­bar­rass­ing in­ci­dent on a night out?

AWhen I was first go­ing out with my wife and I was walk­ing to hers af­ter a night out. This girl was fol­low­ing me and when I got to my wife’s door she was still there. Luck­ily the girl fol­low­ing turned out to be my wife’s nextdoor neigh­bour.


would you most like to have a night out with?

AProb­a­bly a co­me­dian like Michael McIn­tyre or Billy Con­nolly. I’m a big fan of both.

QWho would you least like to have a night out with?

AChar­lie Sheen. He’s lost


BIG FAN: Daniel Ken­nard. chips from Siz­zlers. I’m also par­tial to a Burger King.

FUN­NY­MAN: Michael McIn­tyre.

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